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More and more, I learn that going back to old policies would be impossible.

For example, economist Richard Wolff says we cannot go back to deporting every illegal, because it would result in a failed state at our southern border - costing us much more. This does not mean open borders. Clearly, many Americans want their citizenship to have more legal significance than an open border policy provides.

Now, I find economist Yanis Varoufakis (Greek) saying we cannot go back to the New Deal of the past. Add to this, Richard Wolff claims if we did, the rich would undo the new "New Deal" in 35 years rather than the 70 years it took this time.

Although not mention as a factor, I notice the New Deal was limited to workers. That would not be acceptable in today's world.

(Quote from Varoufakis' - edited from spoken word)

In the twentieth century, we had the stabilization and civilization of capitalism through the rise of social democracies (Europe) and ...See More

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