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Hi all! I'm a daycare teacher for 3 year olds. I'm having some behavior issues with some kids and could really use advice. I have several kids that when it's circle time, lunch time or center time I try to give them a 5 minute heads up of what about to happen to help transition them. The time approaches and I walk over to them and say something like "come on Name let go Activity". I offer to help them clean or hold their hand and they will do the dead weight thing and drop to the floor saying no. Well the other kids are now following suit. What are some ideas that I could implement to stop this? I'm scared one day a child's arm is going to pull or they will bump their head really hard on the ground and I don't want that happen. I need to get this under control so the whole class doing this stops and I can do these really cool activities with them.
Stacey I teach this age and you have to keep them very busy. You also have to be stern with them from the start. If you loose control of the class when they first come in you will not be able to gain it very easily. Classroom management is very important for this age group. If you have a few select troublesome children then speak to your director or the p...See More
Apr 25, 2018

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