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I have made sticker books for my students and that has worked out well for rewards. I happen to have a binder at home and use card stock to imprint their names on a title page with my art software. The size of the book is about 4" by 6" and has about 6 pages. Card stock can go through regular printers.

I begin the day with everyone having a fresh index card on their desk. Each time they do well on a paper, or ansewer a hard question in a lesson, they get a mark on their card.

I leave 5 minutes at the end of the day and hand out the different stickers for thenumver of marks on the card. Six marks on the card, 6 stickers.

You can hand them out for any target behavior you want, good bathroom behavior, a compliment from another teacher on how quiet they are in the hall ( you might want to clue in a buddy teacher), helping others, whatever.

In the morning before school, they like to share with others what stickers they have. It's fun to see how excited th...See More

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