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This is my 3rd year teaching. I was previously in business and completed an ACP to become a teacher. I am shocked to discover that so many teachers are not only technologically illiterate, but do not care to really learn about technology.

I learned about technology in the business world where I usually just picked it up having to use an application or someone would show me how to use it in passing. Teachers have so much technology training available, yet I have found that many go just to get the hours but don't even try to apply what they are taught.

This is such a problem considering that we are teaching a computer generation. How can we prepare this generation when teachers are not integrating or even willing to learn themselves about this crucial component.

Many teachers at my school won't even try to create something as simple as a weekly newsletter on Publisher, Word or a similar application. I have taught my first graders more about technology since t...See More
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This is the exact kind of mentality that keeps teachers in the dark ages. There is nothing wrong with teaching both problem solving and utilizing technology at the same time. In fact, more higher order thinking occurs when you do both together. Are you really only capable of teaching one? Perhaps that is the problem?

As quickly as technology is advancing nowadays, if we wait until our ...See More
Mar 25, 2009
Ann Your post is presumptive and sorely discourteous. Knowledge is knowledge regardless of its format or how it's presented. Are you certain you have enough experience to teach without technology? You have much to learn from us relics of antiquity. Don't consider us dead and buried yet.

On 3/25/09, This is the exact kind of mentality that keep...See More
Mar 25, 2009
lack of software, slow hardware, no tech support On 3/23/09, Tallytchr wrote: > a xerox machine! I made many a purple ditto sheets in my time and > being able to make a copy on a machine was just heaven! > > Now I use a SMARTboard and document camera, have a pretty nice > looking website, couldn't live without my computer and email, and > most people consider me pretty tech saav...See More
Mar 26, 2009
ACP There is a complete continuum on the LOTI scale from casual use of technology to complete use of technology to teach. Public education is many years behind higher education and the business in general in the use of technology. There are many reasons for this, many have been stated. IMO the biggest reason is that we implement it backwards. The buzzw...See More
Mar 26, 2009
Rebecca I am a middle school and high school teacher but saw this thread from the main board.

Keep in mind that using Smartboards, projectors, teacher chosen websites and such is really not teaching students anything about technology and does NOT get kids to analyze and problem solve in itself.

If you are a teacher who successful integr...See More
Mar 26, 2009

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