Re: Remembering Student Names

    I have trouble remember names also. But sometimes I break them
    them up into groups or teams then take pictures of each team to
    post in Blackboard along with their names. I do that and print
    off a color copy and keep it in my class folder.

    On 6/27/09, SSpil wrote:
    > I am teaching a community college class in the fall and I am
    > embarrassed to admit that remembering names is not a gift I
    > possess. Currently there are 27 students signed up for the
    > class with a possibility of 44. I know it's not as crucial
    > to learn the names of all my students in a college level
    > class as if I were teaching small children, but I do think
    > it shows some respect for my students and fosters a good
    > learning environment. Does anyone have tips or suggestions
    > how I can make this easier for myself?