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Hi everyone, I am an English teacher who also writes. I´ve written a series of books for Young Adults (12-17) about kids at a boarding school who get mixed up in the plots of Shakespeare plays. The first book is out next year, in February. The idea is to help kids unlock the texts of Shakespeare plays and make it easier for them to read them and enjoy them. The first novel is about Macbeth.

As a trailer for these books I have written a creepy short story which students might like. It´s called Heart of Winter and it´s free on Smashwords or 99c or equivalent on Amazon - I´m giving all the profits to the International Rescue Committee until they make it free. I don´t want to make money from the books but to genuinely help students enjoy Shakespeare´s plays!

Thanks for reading this and if you have any interest, I´ll post a link below. I´m happy to answer any questions about the book or series and have teaching materials ready if anyone is interested. Thanks again!...See More

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