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Just had this at a get together and it was good..haven't tried to make it yet but soudns easy enough.

1 brick cream cheese 1 can shoepeg corn, well drained chopped jalepenos to taste and salt and pepper

lady who brought it says she also sometimes adds a little butter just to make it creamier

She just put it all together in a microwaveable dish and nuked it until the cream cheese was melted, stirred intermittently.

It was great with tortilla chips and with Club crackers.
Re/LA I was just thinking of this to make for the 4th! I have not made it either, just tasted. I think the person used pickled jalapenos in the jar for her recipe. Thanks for sharing.
Jun 24, 2009
nikki I have a similar recipe that calls for a can of Tex-Mec corn which already has peppers included in the corn. Really simple.
Jun 26, 2009

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