Re: DRA and assessment validity question
    Nicole, MO

    I found the following links that provide some DRA reseach or
    technical data. I'm really not much of a fan of the DRA and
    I'm glad that the new school I will work at does not require
    it. The DRA2 test scores are probably the most unreliable.
    I included a site below the shows the DRA2 comprehension
    rubric. Individual teachers score differently and a students
    DRA2 score usually (in our school) does not come close to
    matching a similar reading assessment score. The sites are

    Emphasizes several aspects of administration for the DRA2, K--
    3 and 4--8 that are problematic and compromise both
    reliability and validity.

    Technical Adequacy Evidence of the DRA

    DRA comprehension rubric

    The Adequacy of Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) Scores
    to Measure Reading Ability of English as a Second Language

    refer to page 29-39 for DRA validity info.


    On 5/15/10, Pondering wrote:
    > At our inner city elementary our Literacy Teacher does the
    > DRA for all the students three times a year. I am not a big
    > fan of the DRA as a valid reading assessment. I was
    > wondering if anyone has an current research that would
    > support my thinking.
    > Just so you know my reasoning is partly because some of my
    > students with a low comprehension score are the ones that
    > score well on the weekly state formatted reading tests. In
    > addition, they are my better students. The ones that did
    > well with her, were the ones that have not scored well on
    > the weekly reading tests and whose classroom work isn't as
    > good as the others.
    > There were a few students whose DRA and weekly scores
    > indicated that they were improving but still not where they
    > needed to be.
    > I think some of my students get nervous and blank out when
    > asked to verbally retell. When they have the test and time
    > to read it they do better. Then those that were able to
    > spit back the story don't seem to do well on the written.
    > Interestingly enough those students are my most active
    > students. Hmmmm.
    > Pondering in Grade 2