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> The principals have too much power and will/can do > whatever is necessary to "get rid" of a teacher they don't > like. The principal can write up bad reports(which are not > true) and have the district back it up falsely. The unions > are virtually worthless........ > > > On 11/02/13, anon wrote: >> This tactic is more common now since districts have >> rigged Nevada law further to gut what few protections >> teachers have, which is actually none, and that's by >> abusing the "probationary" status of teachers to get rid >> of veteran teachers. >> >> A principal can merely give a teacher two lousy >> evaluations in a row just because he or she feels like >> it, and that teacher goes back on "probationary" status, >> which then means a principal can just "non- renew" them >> for any reason or no reason at all (at-will). The teacher >> has NO chance at...See More

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