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I'm posting as a guest so have to answer your questions here. i'm a NC retiree. My pension is larger than the number you gave. My federal tax is about 13% and my state tax about 4.5%. I'm divorced so not considering other spouse's income. They don't take SS taxes out of pension income. When you're old enough to collect SS, it will be subject to federal tax. Currently NC does not tax SS payments. I don't feel overtaxed. I feel grateful to have a defined payment benefit when so many others will not-and retirement will not be secure for them. Too bad so many don't vote their own economic interest. Many don't know enough to know what their self-interest is. Death by ignorance.

I assume you are a non-Medicare retiree. The rates for this year are posted on the NC treasurer website or google NC State Health Plan. Looks like about $683 for spouse for 80/20 plan. No rates announced yet for next year.

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