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Hey all!

I'm the founder of a small social startup, WINII (www.wewinii.com), that helps young professionals better pay off their student loan/credit card debt through a budgeting competition (yup! we're gamifying budgeting).

We've been focused mostly on supporting awesome employees at nonprofits, but several of our users have suggested we also reach out to the teacher community.

Before I plunge in though, wanted to seek your advice: 1) has sticking to (or creating) a personal budget been an issue for any of you? 2) do you have any issues regarding your personal budgets (ex. I heard many have to pay for school supplies out of own pocket at beginning of semester??!!) that is particular to being a teacher? 3) have you found any apps/methods that has worked for you in sticking to a budget?

Would really appreciate your guidance everyone.

Thank you!

Best Regards, Minki

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