Re: Great Activities 4 Teaching Government + US & World Hist

    I did end up ordering one of the government books (part 1) that
    you recommended and have already used one of the lessons in
    class. It went really well and my kids enjoyed the activity. The
    follow-up quizzes are handy too....looking forward to using more
    of the lessons in this book and will likely be buying more parts
    of the series as time goes on. Thanks again for the tip!!!

    On 10/29/11, Sara wrote:
    > Thanks for the tip. I just checked out the site and it looks
    > pretty good. I'll probably try one of the parts of the gov't
    > series to see how I like it and will report back.
    > On 10/26/11, Joseph wrote:
    >> I wanted to share something that has been great for me as a
    >> someone who teaches government. I'm currently using a
    >> program called "Lessons on American Government"
    >> (reproducible lessons published by Learning Center USA) in
    >> my classes. It has been a tremendous help. You can use
    >> these materials exclusively throughout the year, or you can
    >> mix in the lessons with some of your own ideas. I use it
    >> right along with the textbook, but there's also a lot of
    >> information in the lessons themselves. I'd be lost without
    >> this stuff.
    >> If you go to and click on "American
    >> Government" you can get more info. I'd highly recommend
    >> checking it out if you're in need of a great resource for
    >> teaching US government. You don't have to buy the whole
    >> program (there are 7 parts/lesson books)....although I did
    >> because that way you can get it on CD and it covers the
    >> whole course. Without a doubt, it's the best money I've
    >> ever spent for my classroom. These lessons do a great job
    >> of keeping my students awake and involved during class.
    >> There are also other programs available for US history,
    >> world history, etc. If anyone actually benefits from this
    >> recommendation, I'd be interested to know.