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My district started out virtually, and it has been a mess for many of the teachers in my district. Everybody is having issues with the format, student & teachers.

A few things that are throwing me off. I thought I knew how to use Zoom and Google Classroom well enough, but, that is evidently not the case. After the first week, half the students are yet to show, so, I don't want to start activities for grades. The activities that I have done are continually being interupted by students who are coming in late, or coming back in because their connection dropped. I remind to try to get in on time, then restart. I already had a parent get mad and yell "It aint her fault", so I'm not going to get screamed at parents, as most of them are sitting right next to their kid.

This is compounded by things that should have been sent to each student in Google Classroom as their own copy is an editable copy that everybody is working on, while in the other class each student had the...See More

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