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I was just switched over to 7th grade social studies at a new school due to overcrowding. I have never taught Social Studies before, and, I am teaching on a cart; going from room to room, trying to get class started while battling daily every technological glitch that pops up as I am trying to connect to the smartboard/internet/projector. I get logged out and booted off randomly for whatever reason. There are a lot of frustrations with this situation. I've spent a lot of money on a few materials from Teacherspayteachers, but I was wondering if people could refer me to any teacher's sites that has things like a calendar which tells what they did on a particular day, and hopefully, an attachment of the work that they did on the website. K
AngieL I'd check different state department of education's teacher tabs. Also google specifically and add "for teachers." You'd be surprised at all the great things teachers post on their school websites or wiki spaces pages. Also try Horrible Histories and Crash Course History on YouTube to spice things up.
Jun 9, 2017

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