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Hey Teachers!

I've been developing some software that is intended to help teachers create tests for their classes. I'm also busy with some customisable browser based games that can be used as an extension to a teacher's class (get student to play a game testing the lessons from your class for homework and you can see the results etc.) but that I will only be releasing around end June.

For now, I'm releasing the basic quiz/survey part of the software in order to get some feedback from users. I want to make this into a user driven product (by taking user feedback seriously and modifying the software to suit the user as much as possible). There will always be a free tier with this software, so don't worry about no longer being able to use it once it is fully live. There are obviously limitations on free-tier use due to hosting and traffic-related costs etc. needing to be covered. For now, while it is still in beta mode, there is only a free tier.

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gddd Oh and I forgot to mention: this is completely mobile friendly, so students can do quizzes on their phones. It is also a progressive web app (pwa), meaning that it can be added to the home screen (a prompt will appear) and will behave like a normal app thereafter.
May 7, 2018

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