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I wanted to brief my post from earlier:

I have parents who are very concerned about the fact that I am teaching grade appropriate content and modifying it to meet the needs of each student.

Is this incorrect? I am not a certified special education teacher, but rather a gen. ed teacher so, what I thought was correct may not be!

Should I be teaching grade appropriate content with modifications or should I be going back to 1st-3rd grade for my middle/high school students and teaching them that content? I'm very confused and very frustrated and I can't seem to get answers from anyone I actually work with! All of my answers seem to come in the form of parental demands and I'm just not allowing that anymore.
mscrawford101 Is there a special education teacher working with you? Or is this a private school?
Feb 11, 2018
Liz It's a therapeutic education setting. I work with a non-profit and we teamed up with the school district to service students who have extreme classroom needs outside of what they can do in the typical setting. All of our students have an IEP, whether it is for behavior goals, academic goals, or both.
Feb 12, 2018
haha There really isn't a hard and fast answer. In general, prevailing wisdom is that you should be presenting material in as age appropriate way as possible (not using Disney characters with high schoolers, etc). Even that depends on the situation. For example, our son is 19 and is in a moderate to severe classroom setting. He loves Disney and we do no...See More
Feb 13, 2018

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