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Do you know of any spelling tests that will help me identify student difficulties and plan for remediation? I like administering this "Spelling Test"
Sherie I use these spelling inventories. They come from the Words Their Way word study program (you can find the Words Their Way books on Amazon). I like that it has an evaluation form and you can see exactly what level the kids are on.

On 9/09/10, Dy wrote: > Do you know of any spelling tests that will help me > identify student difficulti...See More
Sep 10, 2010
Jennifer/2/Alberta I've used the Primary Spelling Inventory. See attached link.

Also, the Gates-MacGinitie
Sep 11, 2010
Julia I use the assessment from Word Journeys by Kathy Ganske.
Sep 25, 2010
Mark Pennington Not a bad assessment, per se; however, it is a stratified sample. Thus, a teacher cannot identify specific sound-spelling weaknesses because it is not comprehensive.

Much better to use a comprehensive sound-spelling assessment, such as the TSV Spelling Assessment. See [link removed].

My take is that assessments only have real va...See More
Oct 1, 2010
Grace/IL I'm linking you to a set of 10 assessments that will help you identify exact weaknesses in short vowels and beginning and ending consonants and consonant clusters. Once you're on the website, you can also go to the home page and look for "Free Resources." There you will find 144 High Frequency Words arranged according to levels of difficulty with a...See More
Oct 4, 2010

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