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I am currently about halfway through my students teaching at a high school in MD. I am having problems developing a commanding presence in class, basically I have been too nice to my students, does anyone have suggestions of techniques to help me? Also, I am starting World War 1 in my modern world history class next week, it is a low level merit class, does anyone have suggestions for teaching the content without using direct instruction all the time? I will be showing All Quiet on the Western Front. Any suggestion you have would be great. Thanks in advance.
haha It's definitely an art not a science and takes a while to find your way. I am generally very laid back but have made it work for me using humor to engage students while still communicating what I will and will not tolerate in my class. Be clear with your expectations and point out when students are not meeting them. Be prepared to use the school be...See More
Mar 21, 2019

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