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AFS-USA Partnership Scholastic, Inc. Scholastic materials This coming week, AFS-USA in partnership with Scholastic Inc, - the nation’s largest publisher of supplemental educational materials will launch a special, AFS-focused edition of Scholastic’s award-winning “ Upfront” magazine to approximately 51,000 9th 12th grade classrooms across the U.S.

This 8-page publication is designed to help 1.4 million students learn about Global Citizenship and inspire them to be a part of the AFS Effect. Articles range from a first person account of studying abroad, to the history of the American Field Service, to AFS Returnees traveling to space, and to the global impact of hosting an AFS student in their homes.

Accompanying the Upfront magazine is a complete, 4-page teaching guide which provides detailed lesson plans for educators, specifically designed by the education-experts at Scholastic to satisfy both state 'common core' requirements and AFS learning objectives. ...See More

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