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Is everyone working again? Jobs are not plentiful but i have worked two days. BTW, why is this board now divided into boxes? The main teacher board still looks the same as i always has.
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Ze Povinho This has been possible even with Aesop. I have the Jobulator and I am always notified of new jobs. Where I am, the competition for jobs is fierce and even when you are notified in Jobulator, by the time you want to review the job detail, the job is already gone. I have already several requests by teachers already lined up weeks in advance.
Aug 25, 2016
EmmaK Okay, this is very 2nd comment to Pixie was not "yesterday" - it was shortly after my first one, so a very few minutes ago on August 25th. Something isn't working right.
Aug 25, 2016
Bob R/Webmaster Emma, a few differences when you post versus when you reply (or comment). Anyone in the US can post, but only registered users can reply. This should reduce the back-biting. When you post, there is a submit button, and you can add line returns. But the comment automatically posts when you hit return, so people will probably submit a lot when they d...See More
Aug 25, 2016
Bob R/Webmaster I can see the threading is a bit confusing, a future version will have two-level threaded replies.
Aug 25, 2016
BJ Still at my seasonal job. I have seen a few here and there; one long-term, physics, which no one apparently wants.
Aug 28, 2016

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