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contracting group? I worked for a tutoring group for 5 classes before they let me go without any explanation. I did a lot of work for them and felt good about the work I was doing. Then out of the blue, after I set up the classroom and did the paperwork, I was let go. Is this typical?
Angie I am a retired teacher who has been subbing for 2 years. I can write a book about my experiences as being treated as a "nobody". I am very conscientious. I leave the room cleaner than I found it. I grade the papers. I sharpen all the pencils before I leave. I follow the teacher's plans and share my expertise with the class. I had subbed at a school...See More
Nov 10, 2017
tjbteach it is quite common to be a mainstay somewhere and then all of sudden being let go. I don't quite understand why lies are necessary, but usually the truth avoids the person being let o
Nov 15, 2017

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