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I have been working as a substitute teacher for the last 6 years and am highly requested. I actually have teachers fighting over me in district to see who can claim me first for certain days when multiple teachers have to be gone. It was brought to my attention that there were several openings at one of my main schools, whom I get along with incredibly well, and I applied to all of the positions. I interviewed with all

Of the teachers, many of whom I have done long term Subbing jobs for and they have been very pleased with my performance. The kids all know me and like me and respect me as a teacher. After interviewing, the principal called me back and said despite a fantastic interview, for some reason (he had no idea why) I was not chosen for ANY of the positions I applied for. This is not the first time this has happened (some of these teachers even asked me to apply!).

We are hard up for substitutes right now especially good ones and I few I was "overlooked" becau...See More
elsiev Unfortunately, in many districts the really great subs don't get permanent positions simply because "a good sub is hard to find" -- whereas in today's market (especially for elementary positions) there are many, many "good" applicants. So, they'll take one of the outside applicants so that they can retain you as a "great sub". Sad, but true.
May 24, 2017

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