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I left a job in the middle of the day. I have mixed feelings about it. I was subbing at a High School. And for the 4th time in a row I was changed without noticed to a classroom I did not sign up for. Students were being disrespectful. I asked them to do their work and put their phones away. Some acted as I was invisible. I felt like an object. One student told me to suck it and a male student made inappropriate sounds. They kept making remarks and laughing. I feel like a whip but at the same time I felt it was too much. I worked at a high school before and have subbed at high schools for the past month. I had worst confrontations with students and I have not felt this way. I talked to an administrator and told him I was leaving. He got upset and nicely told me to never come back to his school. I left shaking and crying. Now I am afraid to pick up any jobs.
d_omer You are not alone! I took a long-term sub assignment and was so excited for my first day. It was for a middle school art class, mostly 7th and 8th graders. It was awful and I did not last one full day. I left mid-day as well. I was cursed at, told that they were going to do everything possible to get me fired, called a racist, called every vulgar n...See More
Jul 14, 2017

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