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Today I ended my day not sure if I would be invited back to sub. I had an assignment for a teacher in the middle school, all my classes were for 8th grade social studies. Earlier in the day I had been warned of a few students, this is not unusual. I always try to assume the best from the reputation of students, and base my opinion on the student when we meet based on their behavior in classroom. Today, one of the students in question was in my 5th hour classroom and immediately started being disruptive. The first order of business was to read aloud, I ask the student to read the first paragraph (all the other students in the class were condoning the unruly behavior by giggling every time the student said something funny and disruptive). I continued to have the student read, and in turn actually created a more balanced classroom and the class had settled a little bit. We had moved on to the next task, but the student was still being intolerable. I spoke to them and had asked the rest of...See More
Nickster143 So, what did the principle do or say when (s)he came into the room?
Dec 20, 2017

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