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What is involved in a deployment of Chromebooks?
Curious On 2/23/15, Lisa wrote: > What is involved in a deployment of Chromebooks?

It depends on what you are used to. In my case the deployment involved grief for what I had lost from my PC and frustration that the machines were nowhere are fast or robust as the previous platform. As more districts require technology on a 1:1 ratio, we will se...See More
Feb 23, 2015
crosstecron On 2/23/15, Lisa wrote: > What is involved in a deployment of Chromebooks?

Yes a Chromebook are very limited in what it can do. It's basically a browser. You can still manage, teach and protect your students with CrossTec SchoolVue Classroom Management Software.

Teach using the latest software and keep kids safe with CrossTec S...See More
Mar 3, 2015
Steve L Chromebooks are a great way to have enough tech to get your students working and keep them working safely. The deployment package is relatively easy if your school uses or can create a google domain.

How you use them depends on grade level, what you want to do, etc. They are not good if you want to edit video or create a yearbook but sinc...See More
Mar 16, 2015
crosstecron In response to Steve L. I’m sorry for your misunderstanding and was under the impression this was an information sharing site. We all know the earnest benevolence of a sponsoring corporate goliath like Google to our well being, right? I’m only suggesting an alternative. You see, I’m of the mind to be given all options and then make an informe...See More
Apr 1, 2015

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