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Has anyone tutored elementary or middle school math. I
would like to work with this level and this grade. Any
Sue R /blockquote>

I tutor high school math, and I teach at one of the local
highs schools but won't tutor any from the same school. I
e-mailed the counselors and math teachers at the schools that
I wanted work. It takes a while (until they start failing)
but I had to turn quite a few away.

On 1/02/08, AJH wrote:
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Jan 11, 2008
Indigo /blockquote>

At this grade level, you'll want to start with concrete activities and then show them
the way to do the same thing using number sentences. So for example, 1st and
2nd graders are learning strategies for addition like using doubles, make a ten,
etc. Use something like small blocks, buttons or pennies to show the ...See More
Jan 18, 2008
niki d /blockquote>

There is an online groups that I belong to that
list some great math links in its storage sections. It's
called elementary-lesson-share. You don't have to
share any lessons to join it and there is no fre to join
Jan 20, 2008

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