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Hello, I am a Web applications developer. I would like to create a useful tool that assists the learning process and will have a meaningful impact on Teachers and students. My goal is to save teacher’s time and assist in the practice testing process. Please tell me if my idea sounds useful.

Here is my idea: It’s a multiple choice practice test service. Teachers can create their own practice tests or use existing ones and get immediate feedback to see which questions students got wrong and which they got right. Students can take and re-take the test as many times as they want, repeating the questions they got wrong. There is 0 administrative needs. Just write up your quiz or use someone elses and send the URL to your students - or to save time you can send us the material in a document or excel file and we’ll import it for you. You can share the test with other teachers worldwide. The practice tests can be used in class or as homework and can run on computers, ipads, ipho...See More

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