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Can someone please explain (in simple language) why using
the Navigation view to create webpages in FP is preferable
to just creating links between pages. Or is it? Our campus
website uses a Navigation tree but I have trouble with the
hierarchy and adding buttons with links. A friend just
links all the pages together so that on his Navigation
view, all you see is the Homepage box. But this seems like
a much more simple way to create a webpage. Does this make
any sense?
Jean Bullock /blockquote>

I am just learning to do this stuff myself. So here goes the blind leading the

It's supposed to help you keep your files in order.

Think of it as a big file cabinet. Let's say you have 500 documents. Which would
be easier? Looking through the whole pile or opening a file drawer, looking at ...See More
Jul 6, 2005

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