Re: Purpose of Navigation View
Jean Bullock

    I am just learning to do this stuff myself. So here goes the blind leading the
    blind.It's supposed to help you keep your files in order.

    Think of it as a big file cabinet. Let's say you have 500 documents. Which would
    be easier? Looking through the whole pile or opening a file drawer, looking at
    the division tabs and then pulling out the right folder to get to the document?

    File cabinet of course.

    I think the tree is the graphical way to view it. Like a diagram
    You can do that or you can view it as a list I believe.

    If you only have a few files to keep track of, it's not important.
    If you have many files it is important.
    It's may be important if you want to use a complex drop down menu, so you can
    see what the subcategories are and where you have put the individual page

    Our school website only has a few pages or files to worry about, so it isn't
    necessary to worry about complex herarchy.

    However something like a district website or a university website which has a lot
    of departments and teacher pages within those departments and so forth, would
    need to worry about well set up hierarchy. You don't want to have search
    through 500 links to find the right page, so categories an subcategories are a
    real time saver.

    Sometimes a webdesigner may set up a complex hierarchy when it is expected
    that the site will someday grow quite large. It makes sense to do that.

    Hopefully I have explained this correctly. If I haven't could someone please
    correct me so I can learn too?

    On 7/05/05, Kate wrote:
    > Can someone please explain (in simple language) why using
    > the Navigation view to create webpages in FP is preferable
    > to just creating links between pages. Or is it? Our campus
    > website uses a Navigation tree but I have trouble with the
    > hierarchy and adding buttons with links. A friend just
    > links all the pages together so that on his Navigation
    > view, all you see is the Homepage box. But this seems like
    > a much more simple way to create a webpage. Does this make
    > any sense?