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I'm having problems uploading web pages on FrontPage. I
used to use Dreamweaver and WS FTP, but I've got a new
computer and I'm using FrontPage. I thought I had set
everything up with the FTP in FrontPage. It asked for my
site's password and everything. When I click on Remote Web
Site, it shows all of my files listed in that box. When I
move something from "Local Web Site" to "Remote Web Site",
it seems to work, but then the page is not on the net. Am
I making any sense? Can someone give me step-by-step
instructions. All of this new stuff on my computer is
really confusing me. :o) Thanks.
Jean Bullock /blockquote>

Has the website already been published on the net and you are just adding files
or is this the first time the website has been published.

If you are adding to existing files, sometimes the pages are updated but the
browser's is showing it's cache files instead. You can try hitting refresh when
you to th...See More
Jul 6, 2005
Karen /blockquote>

I realize now it actually was working. The reason the files
that were moved were not showing up online is because they
weren't in the public_hmtl folder. So, I figured out that I
can move the files to "Remote Web Site" then cut and paste
them to the public_html folder. That seems strange. Is that
the way...See More
Jul 8, 2005
Dan /blockquote>

You will find quite a few videos that I have created for the
teachers in my school district. These will assist you in
working on your frontpage. You will also find quite a few
more videos that will help you out in other areas.

[link removed]

Jul 24, 2005

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