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Anyone have any ideas on how I could fix it up?

I think I want one of those websites that have the menu on
the left of every page.
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Marva /blockquote>

Stacy, you missed the homely version. As the other poster
said. the background was cheeesy!

I think I was just beginning to get the large font thing. I've
toned it down a lot, but I think you are right... smaller is
Jul 28, 2005
Pogo /blockquote>

On 7/27/05, Marva wrote:
> I do not know how to make layers. I do have Dreamweaver. How do
> the layers work better than tables again? Thanks.
Jul 28, 2005
naneb /blockquote>

You don't need to use a table if you use layers. You can make the layer
the size you want and then type in your data. The advantage of layers is
that they can overlap each other. I did the dreamweaver tutorial at
macromedia to learn about layers. It is really easy and makes your site
very easy to put t...See More
Jul 28, 2005
Jean Bullock /blockquote>


Raven made a good point about being careful about using layers. On a 9.2.2 Mac OS system,
your site looks perfect in IE. However in system X, using Safari, there is some overlapping at
the bottom and the tickertape script doesn't work at all. In system X, using IE, the whole thing
is mixed up. The...See More
Jul 29, 2005
Raven /blockquote>

On 7/29/05, Jean Bullock wrote:
> If you can't find a way to make the layers compatible with them all, you
may want to put a little warning on the page as to which browser works

Agreed, and be aware that 1/2 your students/parents won't be able to access
it. It's better to know HTML and CS...See More
Jul 29, 2005

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