Re: Do any of you make websites for a side business?

    Having a side business or 'moonlighting' is one thing, but
    using school records or the school phone/e-mail directory to
    promote a side business is quite another!! Where I teach
    (California) pupil and personnel records (including phone and
    e-mail directories for staff) are considered confidential and
    priveleged information, and any unauthorized use thereof by a
    school district employee such as myself would be grounds for
    immediate dismissal. Perhaps things are different in the state
    of Mississippi, but if I were one of your teaching colleagues
    or (God forbid!) a parent, I would be seriously annoyed if I
    got an e-mail solicitation from you. I strongly suggest you
    consult with your principal or personnel director before
    engaging in such crazy stuff. Steve

    On 8/18/05, Pogo wrote:
    > I'm working on a physician's website to make additional
    > money. I'm thinking of going through our school phone
    > directory and sending out a blanket email to those that
    > have businesses asking if they would like to employ me for
    > their webmaster. Have any of you done this?
    > My dream would be to generate enough business to stop
    > working at school but I'm not crazy enough to believe that
    > will take place.