Re: PC or Mac (laptop purchase)?

    On 4/08/07, Jean Bullock wrote:
    > Max, they won't need that much help if they buy a Mac.
    > On 4/02/07, Max wrote:
    >> I would base that decision on how many people
    >> you personally know that own a Mac. If you can
    >> quickly find someone to ask questions to, then buy
    >> a Mac. Otherwise, more people know the PC and help
    >> is easier to get.I have used Mac since I left DOS. I have a Dell, as I write grade
    book software. Since I got a MacBook with Parallels, the Dell laptop
    just sits. If nothing alone, just doing a search. A Mac can search
    the entire drive in seconds, including looking _inside_ documents. XP
    slogs through folder (ahh, yes, directory) after folder so slowly you
    can see the files going by. They tell me I should miss the right mouse.

    As far as help, before I retired, I was a Tech Coach at 4 elementary
    schools teaching kids and teachers. There were over 600 Macs. I
    also was to keep the servers (Mac), computers and printers going. If
    a computer really broke, there was a repair service for that. Still,
    I am not sure I could have handled that many PCs.

    (I am writing on my Mac. Can't remember when I last rebooted it.)

    Best Wishes,