Re: Where do I start?

    On 11/17/03, Dee wrote:
    > I teach in the UK so the 100 day celebration was unknown to
    > me until I saw it in Canada last year. It looked great fun!
    > I have persuaded my school to celebrate on our 100 day, so
    > where do I start? Our school goes from age 5 to age 11 so
    > would be looking for lots of activities! Can anyone point
    > me in the direction of a good book or web site where I can
    > start collecting ideas?
    > has great teacher resources and sells several
    books about the 100th day of school.....resource and
    children's literature

    We get creative at our school and have done many
    things......the PE teacher does 100 jumping jacks with them
    and at recess they try to do 100 jumps on a jump rope.

    In the classroom we might have activities that the students
    do and then they go from class to class so that the teacher
    only needs to prepare one activity.

    I have done a 100 inch worm that they cut and color. (the
    worm is 100 inches long)
    Snack made in baggies.....100 groups of
    10 M&M's,sunflower seeds,cereal,raisins...and so on.
    Draw a picture of what you look like now compared to when you
    are 100 years old
    Collections of 100 things on display
    100 finger or thumb prints
    We did a cute theme with Winnie the Pooh and the 100 acre
    woods....they played pin the tail on tigger.....ate a picnic
    lunch in the 100 acre woods....(playground).....

    Have fun