Re: 100 Day of School Activities

    Many of the activities I wrote about could be adapted for
    preschool. You could do a puzzle and add one piece to it a
    day. You could make a collage with "x" number of pieces in
    it. You could make a paper link chain by adding a piece a day
    and this could work in a pattern theme, too. You could trace
    the kids' feet and use these to see how far you go as you add a
    foot a day. The book is available as an ebook too so you can
    have it instantly if that suits your style.
    HopeOn 7/17/05, JB wrote:
    > On 7/01/05, Hope wrote:
    >> I am the author of 100th Day of School Activities
    > published
    >> by Teacher Created Resources. It is now available as an
    >> ebook for $3. Use this for activities beginning on day 1
    >> or day 99 or as follow up, too. Included are service
    >> learning ideas and tips for connecting your 100th Day
    >> activity to all curriculum areas. Have fun!
    > Do you have one for preschoolers? My 2 day/ week class
    > didn't make it to 100 days and would love to do a 50th day
    > of Preschool Party! Any story books written on the topic?

    Books by Hope