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Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, July 9, 2015 – ArtSkills, Inc., announces an exciting new pencil accessory – Pencil Wrapz™, available now, exclusively at Target stores nationwide. Colorful and packed with personality, Pencil Wrapz™ give students, teachers, and anyone looking to add a little flair to their boring No.2 pencils a wide variety of customization options. With patterns like comic book, graffiti, bacon, and much more, you’re certain to find a design that fits you just right.

Did we mention that Pencil Wrapz™ are just as functional as they are fun? The easy to sharpen design ensures that the wraps stick to your pencils and not to your sharpeners. That means no more scraping away sticky residue left by less sharpener-friendly stickers.

Have you ever lent someone your pencil and never gotten it back? Pencil Wrapz™ provide a clear but gentle reminder to help solve this problem. Our specially crafted Teacher Pattern Pack comes marked with the essential phra...See More

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