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Hello all. I keep my eyes open for cheap arts and crafts ideas (a lot of times I end up having to pay out of pocket, at least temporarily, before the school budget kicks in, if it does). I ran into a new one I hadn't seen -- plain white, disposable binoculars. They sell on amazon, but I didn't see them anywhere else (which is weird to me, I would think they would be in the dollar stores). Anyways, it's a simple, fun thing, because the kids each get to color their own designs, etc., and walk away with a pair of binoculars (it's 3x magnification, not pro or anything but fine for the 5 year olds anyways).

I'll put the amazon link here, I think the seller is having a sale, and I bet you can contact him and get a deal or something, who knows. But even the regular price isn't too bad.

I wonder if they can do a custom design on this? Maybe I'll contact the seller.

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