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Human Rights (HR): A Cross-Cutting Issue
Hillol Ray (HR)

Universal momentum to our common struggle
Is leading us to promote human rights-
Regardless of frontiers, such awareness is awesome,
And is gaining the new heights!
The demand for a world of law and dignity,
Of peace and justice, is too visible now-
And founders of our United Nations are moving
One step closer with their annual vow!

No doubt, we live in the age of human rights
But violations and barriers are still found-
On many parts of the world, such rights are
Callously denied and make us spellbound!
Values of equality or non-discrimination
Should not be trampled on to benefit the few-
In stead, a climate is needed in which human rights
Will flourish for our global view!

The twentieth century has bequeathed us
An impressive set of standards to drive-
About human rights, enshrined in binding covenants
That w...See More

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