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If anything this century has taught us that by rationalism,
consumerism, individualism and the likes, we have become
addictive and corrupt.
– Dr. Pompeyo Carlos Andrade

Poems for the Third Millennium
An anthology of poems by Hillol Ray.

Mystical Threshold bounces with the Change of Millennium

The ‘Rhyme Wizard’ Hillol Ray meticulously presents one
hundred and twelve (112) poems in his recent anthology
entitled "Poems for the Third Millennium". It reveals the
significance of economics, religion, education, human
dignity, and a pollution free environment. The poems in
this book harmoniously transcend the cavalcade of emotional
issues that have boggled the poet’s mind over many decades
and thus seasoned him to conduct subtle analysis based on
the historical perspective intertwined with the
technological advancement. Realizing the impacts of hidden
meanings buried in these ...See More

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