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Nuclear Non-Proliferation:
A “Treaty” That Counts
Hillol Ray

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation
Of Nuclear Weapons is a challenge that we can feel-
Since the day when the world entered nuclear age
And the fear of repression sent the chill!
Fifty years have already gone, still the threat
Of mass destruction lingers on the mind-
And the word “Treaty” that counts
Became a cornerstone as in the tales we can find!

Prevention of spreading of nuclear weapons
Is an item now on the United Nations’ table-
While the gradual reduction of nuclear dangers
Appears to be a true mind-boggling fable!
Guaranteeing the benefits of peaceful use
Of the nuclear energy pretends like a mirage-
And is silently pushing the peace and security
Of mankind away from the global village!

Atomic energy and weapons of mass destruction
Are of concern on the existence of Earth-
Due to their ...See More

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