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It's that time of year again - Spring...And Earth Day is just around the corner. I have created a package of Earth Day Activities for Grades 5-8 that include everything you'll need to promote Earth Day in your classroom. These activities could also travel up or down a bit in grade level without too much trouble.

Included: -2 Poetry activities (Haiku and Cinquain) -Slide show activity (A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words) -A Debate activity - Aliens vs. Humans -A Poster activity - Students need to create a poster from an alien's point of view, warning other aliens not to travel to Earth because of all the damage humans have been causng to their environment - they obviously can't be trusted with it any longer! This is where the debate comes in... -Other Literature/Art activities and ideas for Earth Day

I have tried to make things as easy as possible for you! The package includes all templates, teacher/student sheets, rubrics, scoring sheets and examples that you'll nee...See More

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