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Hello everyone,

I have self-published a children's chapter book,The Animal Seeker, to encourage kids to enjoy the out-of-doors and to learn about and appreciate nature, especially wildlife. It is available as an ebook but may also be downloaded. It is available through Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Diesel, Kobo, and a few other distributors. It would be a great book to use as a springboard for environmental discussions. The following is a short synopsis. Thank you so much for taking a look.

Something mysterious is happening in the forest where ten-year-old Tommy and his dog, Nept, live. The animals are disappearing and Tommy and Nept must find them. They are about to encounter a strange visitor; his name is Fike and he comes from planet Arcturus. Fike is on a mission to replace something precious his planet has lost and Tommy's forest contains just the treasure he's wanting.

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