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Hillol Ray - in the Special Commemorative Edition of "500
Leaders of Science"

Hillol Ray is no longer a stranger to South Asian Women's
Forum (sawf) readers and ooops!!! he has done it again.
Besides his global recognitions as the "Poet of
Neuroscience", "Poet of Human Rights (HR)", and "Poet of
Two Worlds - East and West", he is also a recognized
(nationally and internationally) leader in the field of
Science and Environmental Engineering. His thought
provoking poems about humanitarian and environmental issues
as well as technical articles are published from all over
the world and they speak for themselves !!

Consequently, in a recent letter (dated June 21, 2002),
regarding the PUBLICATION RELEASE, Mr. C.L. White, Managing
Editor of American Biographical Institute, Inc. of Raleigh,
North Carolina, announced and confirmed that Hillol Ray's
Biography will appear in the upcoming Special C...See More

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