Re: How to make a model of a erosion free farm field??

    On 12/08/04, Diana wrote:
    > On 9/17/03, dllfb wrote:
    >> For all you science and geography hands on teachers out
    >> there....I am wanting to create a three dimensional model
    >> of a farmers field with a 15 degree slope to illustrate
    >> erosion-free farming. The model must have a way of testing
    >> this experiment to show that no soil is entering the
    >> stream at the bottom of the slope...I guess it'll have to
    >> be water proof...any ideas you can share as to how you
    >> would create this masterpiece. This is the first time I'm
    >> teaching this curriculum and am not very creative..I'm
    >> afraid!
    >> Thanks in advance for your help!!!
    > i am doin the same thing...justbuild it..>>i am doing this thing 2 its soo hard to find info for it tho
    so email me if u find any...