Re: Inkjet Recycling Company To Work With - Sunset Recycling
Boni Wernega

    On 3/21/07, Anonymous wrote:
    > On 2/28/07, John C. Bennett wrote:
    >> Inkjet Recycling Company To Work With - Sunset Recycling
    >> I work for a reputable inkjet recycling company, Sunset
    >> Recycling.
    >> We offer some of the highest inkjet buyback prices paid.
    >> Please visit our website or call me directly for more
    >> details.
    >> Thank you,
    >> John C. Bennett
    >> 502.639.2524
    > Those are not the highest prices paid out there!
    Please check my website - I pay very well, offer
    FREE shipping, and will work with you to run a successful

    *Let me know that you saw this posting on and I
    will add a 5% bonus to your cartridge returns payment for the
    first 3 months of using our program.

    I enjoy working with teachers to help them earn money for their
    schools, classes, and projects. Plus, kids need to learn to
    recycle too. Why not make some cash from your trash while doing

    Thank you for your time,