Re: Inkjet recycling! Walgreens is affordable!
Mike Lynch

    Walgreens has just start professional inkjet refilling. There
    average refill is 15 dollars. Most cartridge refills are around 50
    percent of the cost of a new one. Walgreens is a well know
    retailler with quality products and great customer service. I know
    alot about there service as i am a Cetified photo specialist at
    walgreens winghaven in Ofallon Missouri 63368 and i have refilled
    these several times. Also if you sign up for a corporate account
    on photo finishing you get a 15 percent discount on film, (must
    actually be a business or school) That 15 percent also applies
    ontop of the 50 of inject refills. so you could get you injet
    refills at 65 off the cost of a new one if you qualify for
    corporate account. Thanks for your time and happy injet refilling
    to everyone!mike