Re: earth day for toddlers. They're not ready for that

    I disagree that toddlers are too young. I think instilling an
    appreciation for nature is appropriate and important, and that can be
    done by simply going on a nature walk, examining bugs outside, finding
    different kinds of plants, etc. You don't have to have specific
    activities, just bring them to a "naturey" area, and let them have at
    it! =) I'm not sure if this is an option for you, but I think it's the
    best way for toddlers to "do" Earth Day. (And not just Earth Day.
    Talking about/doing these things once a year doesn't teach kids
    anything about earth appreciation and care.)BTW: If bringing them to nature is not an option, you could always
    bring nature to them. Bring in some things for them to observe/explore
    in your classroom, and have it be a child-led learning experience with
    centers, maybe.