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Hi... does anyone have any ideas for a math night at school. I'm trying to get more parent involvement. If someone can give me ideas for activities for Pre-K through 5th grade that would be great. Also, if you have any ideas of incentives for the parents to bring their children to the math night, that would be great. Thanks in advance! Sherry
Sarah Hi Sherry,

I am in my first year of teaching so I am speaking from only one year's experience with Family Math Night!

Our district uses the Investigations Math curriculum. Using that as a spring board, our school chose math games from this curriculum.

Each grade (PreK-4) at the school had their own table with each teache...See More
Aug 11, 2009
Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti Hi Sherry...feed is the one thing that works for me. I also have developed easy math activities that I share with parents on how to help their child(ren) learn important math concepts and facts as parents and children interact daily.

I explain the concept...I go over some activities with parents and then have parents practices w...See More
Sep 5, 2009

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