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Tips for Getting High TOEIC Listening Scores

TOEIC Listening has been one of the most difficult sections for English as a second language learners taking up TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) exams.

This is because TOEIC Listening makes ESL learners listen to recorded English sentences or audio clips.

The people speaking in TOEIC Listening audio clips have varied English accents - American, British, Canadian, Australian, etc.

Because they have to listen to English speakers talk in natural speed and pay attention to English words at the same time, many ESL learners get low scores for TOEIC Listening.

To answer TOEIC Listening questions correctly, ESL learners have to pay attention to English vocabulary, expressions, and sentences closely.

They must have excellent listening comprehension and be quick to understand what they heard.

Below are easy tips for ESL learners who want to ace TOEIC Listening. ...See More

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