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The first step in being an effective teacher is the desire and passion to be an effective teacher. Whatever road led you here, at the root of it is the aspiration to be just that.

You may wonder how I developed this tips and techniques for being an effective teacher. You may ask about my credentials or site . I will share those things with you and more. I will provide you with the tools and techniques I use in the day-to-day work of being a teacher. I am not here to teach you the content of what you teach; I am here to share the tips and techniques I have learned that help students retain content and become passionate for more of it.

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I have not been a teacher for decades, yet I have. I did not know I was a teacher; I thought I was a nurse, a daughter, a student, a sister, and a friend. I remember the moment when I realized I was a teacher. I had taken a part-time job as Skills Lab Manager for an associate degree registered nu...See More

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